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What Does The World Need Right Now?

By on November 9, 2019

What Does The World Need Right Now?

The World is at a collective shock right now, as people are ‘moving at the speed of #light’, but no one is really seeing any #Light at the end of the tunnel.

We are talking about people here; the world is a “f-a-a-a-ar fetched” thought though.


Tell me, if you are trying to seek #light at the end of the tunnel though and running towards it too and then trying to get it and achieve it too, its an infinite loop and the loop is what You are in, so how do you come out of it?

*Through Rest-That is the only solicited answer for the #HumanRace that Trump and his so-called Bas*urds are after: Through Creating #Voices and #Shadows*- In The “Parallel World”.

What I Really Want To Say

My Assessment of the world or perhaps;; “The World” shows that this world is a mere description of blood loss, loose emotions, crassness, murder and “shurder”.

If we put an incision towards the way the start from or perhaps, in from where they begin from, we can Easily make out as to Who Is Struggling and What Is Going On.

Honestly, living in #Pakistan, I can tell you that the #Leader of the country has to #Lead the people of the country but it really doesn’t have to hide and get scared from the People themselves, if there is a #Revolt.

When you have a lot to hide, you can never come out of your own self, and if and yes that is you then honestly, there is Absolutely Nothing that can change that.

You can’t undo your doings, especially if it involves Murder or Perhaps, getting into one’s #Soul and getting things out of it.

It is a scary thought.

I am trying to deliver a message here. I am a Writer and an Economist, a Researcher and a Masters in Economics and Development Economics.

Trust me, I, as the #CommonMan, and then I’ll make this article on me, would Only Suggest the following to the Presiding Governments in the #World.

(#TheWorld)- For QueenElizabeth.

1- LGBT is no way of living because what is not natural will never suffice.

2- You cannot get in the #Hearts of people. #Magic is the way to get it and Magic can be so severe that it can lead you to #Death. For their own vested interests, and I am talking about “Big Collective Governments Here”.

#Trump, #Modi, TheHidden, Aka Khan, #Japan, #India and lets just say Europe.

3- Mr. Donald Trump is running on a fluss and he projects the fluss to be You. Human nature or the issue is that when #death comes near, it is time to stop things. Trust me, what you are trailing and who you are being trailed by is your schizophrenia because nothing can stop people from coming towards you, for #Revenge.

*As you are an #Atheist, As we are #Muslims*.

4- World should be united AGAINST Trump or whoever it is; His name is a joke and he is a fluss; though he’s got many weaponary. Unfortunately, he is creating terrorism like bombs and other things to take people towards #War; To ensure their things run out and before that, he has a lot in business and work such as “His Trump Towers”, His Loose Control, His Mojo and Perhaps.. Let’s just hope, not his #Movember.

5- I reconcile to point number 3, where I say that Mr. Donald. Trump. *and since he IS representing America at the moment* is the Biggest Thief, Lie, Liar, A Supporter of Theft, Religion and Anti Religon; His collar, muscles, legs, head- All are in #Space and He is.. #HandsDown, #PantsUp, YakaYaka or Regarega.

If we go by the #Muslim calender, launched by #SaudiaArabia certain days ago;

It is #Safar or #Safr ka maheena and #RabiUlAwal- The Day Of Joy When #Muhammad Was Born.

Then not they. THEY, #Muslims, remember their names and guess who gives the Glory?


#TheWorld is a nasty place but you have only One life. The idea here is to get the Flusses out of the way – and Flusses because they think every other is the Fluss; so of course we are going to think you as a fluss as well because e=mc2.. You are not Running on Earth or the Earth is not After You.. You are sitting in a zippy zone ahead of Trump as Dog or God, whatever he wants to refer it to.

Essentially. Times Up #America, We Are Getting Too Disturbed.

And sorry from #Pakistan, just a bunch of illiterates here and supporters who probably want to grab the ass of the PrimeMinister of Pakistan here or perhaps in his #dreams now or not even that- Oh sorry, that’s him himself.

UNLESS THERE IS NO SELECTIVE AUTHORITY ON THE PLANET, NO ONE AND I REPEAT NO ONE CAN CHANGE THE COLLECTIVE DAMAGE THAT THESE SO CALLED ‘PREMIERS’ HAVE ‘CREATED’, ‘WHAT THEY ARE PLANNING TO DO’ – The HOW’s are too common and obvious- Gun, War, Water, Continents, Bombing the shells, bombing the Heroine, bombing Love, people.. YADAYADA- that’s for Maga.






And if the Thy comes on to you, its time to fly ;-).

Give it up for..

#AllPremiersStartAndReady.. *Echoecho*.

Stay tuned.

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