What Is Going On In Pakistan?

What Is Going On In Pakistan?

Pakistan is a country that is lacking some supplementary ideas that could really and easily help this country by pass major obstacles This means that if we look past our own eyes and vision, it could enhance peace, serenity, , life and new beginnings.

Pakistan is a country segregated by fear. The truth about Pakistan is that everything is already here.

Be it roads to culture to serenity to fun and travel, things always look good here. However, the problem With Pakistan is that Pakistan does not have the right kind of People to create a Force that people know of automatically and, so that, no other “Forces” comment on this country’s soil and operations.

Problems Prevalent In Pakistan

The major problem with Pakistan is that when you take it by the International measure of Indexing (perhaps as an economy or country per se), it becomes second to none. However, what I wonder is:

Why are we going by the Global Measure of Indexing?

How about we look at the domestic economy of the country and divert our attention towards the small, micro and minimal sources that can contribute towards the well-being of this country.

When I talk about Micro Economics, I refer to things that can help the country on a domestic level. This includes Conventional or Islamic microfinance loans. Having done my thesis on the perceptions of the two loans in Lahore, Pakistan, I feel that micro economic ventures such as these can play a vital role in developing small economies and helping these economies flourish through consistent and insistent help.

Micro-economic factors, efforts and help may seem small or close to none by most people. However, the truth is that micro economics was established many years ago. It is a branch of economics that looks at small, consistent efforts that can boost the domestic economy. Micro economic efforts combined with macro economic efforts can also help the economy go forward. Moreover, higher measures of developments if looked at ‘consistently and measurably’ can really help the economy go forward.

Power Struggles in Pakistan: The 78 year Problem Of This Country

The consistent problem with Pakistan is that there are TOO many people competing for the same seat and that is contributing towards and for the economy to crumble or cripple down.

Seriously and honestly, these ‘petty’ power struggles in the country; of the State, The Pre-dominant cultures, the cultures themselves and then on the subdued cultures etc. has always created havoc in the country and will continue to do the same in the coming run as well.

In my opinion, Pakistan needs a strong hand that can determine its proper authority, so that things operate smoothly on Every front.

Furthermore, in my opinion, the country needs an authoritative hand and an authoritarian government that can fight with these problems so that these power struggles end, once and for sure.

Furthermore, the country needs one hand that can take care of the government and then many subsidiary hands that can take care of other problems as well.

The Clear Truth About Pakistan

Unfortunately, Pakistan has the same culture and ‘running aspect’ as it was since its inception. The country is Quite “Modern” itself and the people of the country are very open minded and know what decency, grace and class is.

In Pakistan, most of the economy was at a somewhat halt since the last many months. It is the same culture that breeds hatred when all parties coincide and fight to come back to power.

The Fact of the matter is that most of these parties are One by and forth. It is the same people running the country on the front end and the back end. They might be playing a game for the People to see, however, no one is do dumb and in recline that they don’t understand what is coming to the picture. This, in fact, is the issue that has consistently bogged the country down, with no major developments, and a subliminal culture.

In retrospect, the global economy is moving at a fast pace.

Moreover, the presiding government cannot even do anything about this matter and the fact that the last 8-9 months have been such a drag in the country is quite a haunting thought. (This was 2019).

Therefore, the call for an authoritarian government and a good and quick hand on top is the way to go about it. Not the army, not the state, not the military, not the ISI. The government needs a hand, the army needs stability and the Operations of this Country need a predominant hand that can help it move forward with grace and class.

Finally, Pakistan has to coincide with the efforts of other Muslim countries especially #SaudiaArabia to become One (in all measures) and to withstand and support of Saudia-Arab by every measure.

The Upside of Pakistan

Pakistan can be an undeniable force for the people of this country as they are very original and are Muslims by pre-dominance. Pakistan has a lot of potential and it is obvious in every regard. Moreover, the military army of the country is doing very well as well and perhaps in every regard.

Furthermore, Pakistan should get rid of the People who are the Enemies of the State and these Enemies will mostly be those who are more in line, in opinion, with the open-mindedness, or perhaps, liberality of others. Rather than boosting an open culture, realize that everyone has a mind-set and a belief and a code. The country should follow the same discipline because the people of the country are also sitting in their homes and everything is Very close by.

Moreover, The People of the Country should be enough in clear and understanding and complaint about the disturbances in the Air which is effecting every individual and in every capacity.

It won’t be too long before this aspect of the economy becomes obvious.

Furthermore, anyone who is against the believes of the Muslims will always be the enemy of all, according to the Book, and the one who is an enemy of the all will make sure every one becomes an enemy as well, to ensure that their own motives don’t become the truth.

Moreover, if you are Not a Muslim , you CANNOT run a Muslim state; for it will be Against The Best Interest of The Country.

Other than that, if you are Swearing by Oath and then trying to ensure you stand by it but pretending and finding the fact that others are also of the same excuse, then you cannot walk and nor will the others.

However, the others will make sure you get botched down by an inch or two and in the process, and by the Universal Laws, you will definitely be knocked down. Probably in a second or two and then by the second or two or none of One. And that One is the decision of the Universe itself (signs that Allah gives you).

Finally, when the Universe Conspires To Tell You The Truth With Every Sign On Your Face, It Is Time To Let Go. This is because nothing can stop any Universal Force if something is That Wrong in the universe itself.

To Conclude

Years have passed on by and many people have left this Earth. The principle of E=MC2 always presides and truly it does in every and most capacities. Finally, the truth can never hide especially if too many people are at stake.

Finally, staying sane in the process of all of this is the key to a happy life. You are in control of everything that you have but your vision is limited to you. It is better if the universal authority itself determines which path one will go, be it a country or human. (Something major and minor in between).

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