What Is Going On In The World? 2020

What Is Going On In The World? 2020

What Is Going On In The World? 2020

Things don’t look pretty and things look bitter. The corona pandemic has taken people to extremes now but it is a good sign too. It is a good sign because the pandemic has been going on since the last 2 or 2 1/2 years and business activity and other activities were still going on. The second wave has taught us to stop so we can have a new start.

If only we took precautionary measures then would we have been saved by now. It is always better to take the problem by its roots or start so it doesn’t spread. Corona was taken lightly in the start but it is hungry work and now we can stop. Remember, we are humans, everything is here, we need to stop and heal and move forward before this pandemic takes the lives of many.

While the corona pandemic has taken major lives now, we move on to what is going on in the world. I’d say a lot. If you want to find out what is going on or what you need to be updated on, here are 10 important snippets that will make a good read. (2020).

1- Fauci plans to take corona vaccine public. Read here.

2- Trump doesn’t want to leave office. Read here.

3- Cigarette Prices In Pakistan. Read here.

4- Prince William and Kate Middleton are humans, just as us. Read here.

5- Pfizer vaccine: UK patient receives her first treatment. Read here.

6- Lewis Hamilton wants to return before season finale: Read here.

7- Apple’s new headphones are a must get. Read here.

8- Corona is changing the way we recruit. Read here.

9- Mystery Illness In India Alarms Individuals: Read here.

10- Christchurch Massacre Attack: (New Zealand). Could it be prevented? Read here. (2020 update).

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