What Is Islam? Going Back To Basics

Islam is’ in the air’, whether for right reasons or wrong. It’s not a curse actually. In fact, it is the finality of all religions and must be paid due respect to.

There is a pattern and method of doing things, for beings’, innate processes and others. It really isn’t free-will. Amongst the five main religions (today), (Judaism (Tawrat: Torah or the Law, revealed on Moses), Zabur (Psalms) revealed to David, Injil (The Gospel), revealed to Isa/Jesus), the finality of all Books is and was the Quran. (Islam)

Today, while we have the following religions here, say ChristianityIslamJudaismHinduism, and Buddhism, (and we have plenty now), but to realize that Books were levied in a proper process and method, we Must pay attention to Islam (and without a choice). Furthermore, for the Muslims, that is the only choice.

Islam: Tech Unveiled

Legacy Of All Religions

When the Jews didn’t stop being ungrateful, there was another Book (for their own mercy, after all, who can compete with Allah SubhanaTaAllah), and for people asked for His mercy and then finally there was another book, and another and then, the Quran, which was in fact by His decree, His final word (which proves that what is written in the Quran will hold true after Qiyamat or Day Of Judgment): That, there is no other book coming after it, nor has it ever come and that Islam is the finality of all religions.

So, the essence is, we believe in something and that something is all that we have up till today and till here to there.(The Day Of Judgment).

Times are changing and it will be Islam. Must do our wise to spread it. After all, there is an afterlife, and if not here, then we should be and do by the Right to ensure that we get paid for our deeds and actions in the hereafter as well.

Though, what we do is what we get, e=mc2 is true, so do good and good will come to you. Karma is real and then for full proof, live your life by the principle of Karmic Redistribution and let God be the judge of else all. That is when you get full safety in this life and full security in the here after.

God’s Message for Muslims And Moving Ahead In Direction

While some Muslims are blind by faith and hold The Quran as a Book of God, God too is another name of Allah SubhanaTaAllah. So it is Islam and it will be Islam.

The problem today and that has persisted is that everybody has held their particular religion near to themselves. However, if we realize, we believe in the finality of all religions, we hold the divine intervention near and dear to us, we hold the message clear to us and we move from here to there on.

If there is a word on the Day of Judgment, it will be 2090 (copyrights reserved). Rather, we also believe that people are hearing and approving and converting to Islam. In fact, the truth is that The Message, which was delivered in 2018, when the world saw a ‘Prophet’ kind of a figure or perhaps, calling it now ‘prophecy’, was the Message of Qiyamat (or The Day Of Judgment).

Therefore, we have the 5 religions by His decree, Qiyamat and Qiyamat from here on to there on, with The Message, go live.

Understanding and Believing A Process Than Free-Will

We must believe in something, otherwise we are monkeys running around like goons. We must bow down (prayer, salat), otherwise we think too much of ourselves. Furthermore, we must also surrender because it is not free-will, rather it is a code of life, a measure of life that you have to behave a certain way because it is not about you but about the other too. That mode or code of life is Islam and it is innate by process in every living being. Trust that Allah SubhanaTaAllah revealed all Books by measure. If we are not bowing down to Him, we are rather just fighting with our selves.

Islam indeed is a mode of life and it would be fancied by those who are spreading it for money and there is no harm in that either, for don’t we do for and to earn money.

However, to realize that Islam is a practice, it is one of the largest religions in the world, it is the finality of all religions, and then Islam has a lot to prove, provide, and proceed and to celebrate.

Muslims have suffered for a very long time and it is time that they rise up and show the world what they are made up of and what they have to prove.

In This World Today: Lets Resort Back To Normalcy

It is so convenient for people to blame Islam for every wrong doing.

Blaming the Muslims, torturing them, labelizing them as ‘extreme’ (isn’t free-will extreme). I mean there is absolutely no justification against or for or will the Quran and perhaps all answers are already in the Quran. What one needs to do is sit down, jot down; the Book is for your redemption and to realize that anything is possible if you set your mind to it. A Muslim will never stop for mercy, nor will he every beg for kindness, nor will he ever get shamed nor will he preside without revenge. Only His persists and what is he asking you for and otherwise when. Islam is justice and a religion that all will see flourish.

Islam has already started spreading. It will spread like this and it will be mayhem and carnage for the Muslims has suffered for too long. And it is time now for the Muslims to rise up and show these 4-5 daddy’s what they are made up of.

Islam is a practice (and you can do without it and go without it, nobody is asking you to come towards it or practice it in the first place). However, those who do will see:

  • 1- How beneficial it is
  • 2- How refreshing it is
  • 3- How it is good for your clarity
  • 4- Divine processes, help, guidance, measure, behavior
  • 5- ‘and all other processes in and without retrospect.

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