When All Else Fails, Turn To God

A lot is being said about the ‘God‘, the Kind, the Merciful these days, especially in America. Is it true that God exists? He does. We have all been at God’s mercy since the beginning of time. Before time, there was annihilation. God’s mercy is there. However, man is unkind. In retrospect, what is happening in the world today is the result of man’s doing and certain soul hands are trying to fix others’ doings. With time, one will realize how bitter man is and how grateful He is.

If you start believing that God is only the good (Allah, can be used in the same retrospect), then you will realize how much of you have been done and undone by certain hands in the universe. (Narendra Modi is one of them). With that realization, you will find Him. The truth about God is that God is only the good and the rest is all of man’s doings. Man has unfortunately become a part of the third race, to keep up with the muscles and therefore, what is happening today are clear signs of the day of judgment. If only man accepted!

Reasoning and Logic: Understanding Meaning Behind Things

If you are looking for answers, then first, we recommend that you fix yourself. Then think about your size and doings (how much you are taking on), then think of others who are below you and then embark on the road to spirituality and divinity. You will definitely find Him.

America is truly on about God. You talk for a reason. You write for a reason and you speak for a reason. If something is there, there will be talk about it.

For Muslims, God, Allah and everything else is pretty much the same thing (99 names of Allah).

Interested in finding out more?

Here are 5 things you probably didn’t know.

  1. God is there but man doesn’t let you live. It is power, lust and control. They just never got ‘The Message’ that enough is enough. If they don’t bow down to His Supremacy, ‘they are the ones to blame here. And He is Kind and God is Merciful.
  2. If the world has been sitting on God’s mercy (since 2018) and been lucid and flaccid, then, what can be said about men and women? Nothing. All humans had an equal part in this universe, to save and heal the universe. Except Him, no one did. Today’s result is a result of that. I wonder why humans’ complain then, especially if they are not even following any book.
  3. God sets an example and He makes you see. If you didn’t bother coming on the right path or make an effort, then you are to blame here not God. Also, God is an example set by Allah because the rest of Quran and all of Quran is on mankind. Therefore, God is from amongst us and so is Allah.
  4. Everyone has an equal share in this universe but we are too busy living our own lives, for our own selves. Balance is the key towards progression and gratitude. We are not thinking today, nor are we understanding. We are just running around (escaping). And He wasn’t levied to preach or help you teach. It was your responsibility to ‘get the message’ and follow suit. If you were too bothered sitting on your groins and guts’, then even God will not spare a muscle because this time, all of it was for God.
  5. God is Kind and Merciful- man isn’t. They don’t even leave Him nor Allah: and then He responds and He responds in ways you cannot even think of.

God is Kind and Merciful, still.

Relying On God For Everything

It is okay to rely on God for everything. However, you have a role to play, at least to pick up yourself and start working for your own benefit, if not others. God hears every breath and sees it too. The rest is for humanity to follow. There has been a discipline in life, if you did not understand, who are you to question Him or Allah.

Also, it is important to check yourself, your belongings and sit in peace and silence than react on things to find His mercy. Realize and think and you will find God.

If you have done everything, you leave all matters on Him and honestly, He is only the good.

Therefore, the food that you are taking for granted, the looks, the beauty, perhaps, walk, talk, breath, etc. are things to be grateful off. Always say Thank You and you will get more. The essence is to stick with the good, don’t lose your ‘divinity’; you will already become enough for yourself and let Him do the rest. Peace always follows through.

If Only You Understand: Some Effort On Your Part Too?

God is as difficult as the Holy Quran. To find God, read the Quran. Every person has an innate seed in them to reach to Him- that is where everyone’s peace lies. Start with the Quran and you will realize how beautiful this book is.

For all kinds of answers, read the Quran!

Rest be there for Him and He will be there for you.

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