When Will Things Go Back To Normal In Pakistan?

“When will things come back to normal in Pakistan”, is what most people are wondering now. In Pakistan, things may take 2-3 months, if not 3-4, for things to resort back to normalcy. It goes without saying that there has been some improvement in openings in the country. For instance, banks are following the 10:00 pm to 4:00 am routine, few side restaurants have opened have, certain shop timings have timings extended in the country and malls have opened up as well.

However, the government is on a verge of a crisis and people are smelling a change in party and leadership. Things still don’t look good

Pakistan is one of the least developed countries, unfortunately. In Pakistan, while people have a lot of wealth, (certain classes), there is a lot of bad breath. Secondly, there is lack of education and people are not wise. Pakistan misses itself on some of the most important indicators of development and growth.

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Certain restaurants, especially the ones with home deliveries, have opened up in the country. Normal grocery stores till at least 7-8 pm and ‘khokas’ till 12:00 am. Malls too have opened in the country while following the covid-19 set up and precautionary measures.

The country is lacking struggling at the moment and it may take time for the company to find normalcy again.

What the country needs to do right now is to take a leap ahead. It needs to work on its tourism and cash up on what is already there. Furthermore, it needs to strengthen ties with its borders, be it India as well and Afghanistan in particular and improve its TOT and start Trading.

There are too many options. Pakistan just needs to follow it, its people need to drop their egos and all Muslims need to be one in this cohesive effort to bring back everything and make Pakistan one.

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