Why Are Electronic Cigarettes So Friendly Today?

Why Are Electronic Cigarettes So Friendly Today?

Why Are Electronic Cigarettes So Friendly Today?


Electronic cigarettes are friendly and are now being considered as ‘Man’s best friend’. Actually, electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes have been in the market for a long time now. However, since most of them were not approved by the FDA initially, their popularity has been stigmatized. Truthfully, e-cigarettes are now being considered as Man’s Best Friend because they are friendly, they come in different flavors, they are kept down before an entire one normal cigarette standard size is smoken and they do not contain tar, which leads to secondhand smoke.

If you are someone who is considering to go for electroniccigarettes, we first recommend that you do not start altogether. However, if you have had a habit of smoking, go for the new e-vapes that are being found in many different flavors, brands, colors, and sizes. Whether you are in Pakistan or in India, e-vapes are rising to great popularity. They are also found more in sheer abundance. E-vaping is not even a trend now. It is a second interim to normal smoking and normal smoking is a notch below general smoking today.

Are E-Cigs Safe?

Wondering why are electronic cigs so friendly today? Well, electronic cigarettes are so friendly today because they do not burn in the mouth as previous electronic cigarettes do. They are being manufactured in a way that doesn’t burn the tip of the tongue after five or six inhalations. This leads to safe smoking. A person vapes for a few times and gets away with it without feeling the need of doing more. One vape lasts for about 6-7 months without a single burn or damage to device which is again a great way to leave normal smoking, which burns the stomach a little through heart congestion. However, e-vapes are not as satisfying as the tobacco in the cigarette which delivers a soothing effect in the entire body after one cigarette is smoked.

Electronic cigarettes are found all over the world today and they are now commonly found under the name of ‘electronic vapes or vaping cigarettes’. E-vapes is also a common name for electronic cigarettes.


Collectively, if you are looking for the best electronic cigarettes today, we suggest you do your research. Brands such as ‘evape‘, ‘electronic vape’, ‘e-cig vape‘ and quite many others are leading the way today.

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If you are a fan of e-cigarettes and have tried one in recent times, do leave your review of the best one you have found till date. We will be happy to facilitate you with finding the best e-cigarette /vape for yourself by your self and desire.

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