Why Are We Stopping For Covid-19?

Why Are We Stopping For Covid-19?

Why Are We Stopping For Covid-19?

Covid-19 has literally taken the world by a storm and we are stopping for it yet again. Today, on Time Magazine, as I scrolled through my LinkedIn, I read its cover page which said “TheCovidWinter”. Then, I realized that in Pakistan, schools have again been shut down because the number of corona virus cases have increased or perhaps, students who did start going to school reported to be corona positive. Why Are We Stopping For Covid-19? The answer is simple.

Things don’t look pretty. Perhaps, in my opinion, things will resume by mid-2021, late 2021, or the end of 2021 if we “don’t take charge”. The truth is that people are now a little relaxed because the global economy has sort of started getting better.

Furthermore, due to that, we have started breathing more relax fully, we are more ‘relaxed’ by His will and we are now getting more in terms with ourselves. (And hence we are shitting and ‘getting it out of our systems’).

Remember that we are by Him all our time and that is by the world view especially threat. Let’s not forget the irreplaceable damage done to mankind.

With his departure and as our heart opens, due to ‘lesser threat’, we are now relaxing and resultantly, shitting. That is perhaps one of the major reasons why there is a sudden spike in corona cases. However, with this, I’d say that we are ‘slowly getting better’.

To Understand And Realize

We are all innately and divinely by His will and that would include the entire situation. If we keep up, we go slow on our guts, we stop eating ridiculously, and have plenty of water, we will get better. If it is a sadist at work and doesn’t want to stop and bring the world down “over and over again” till his reigns, say the attack in Afghanistan today, then we can face some problem in figuring out what corona was all about.

However, if things operate smoothly all over, and things start getting better, the world population takes care of themselves by drinking water and shitting out whatever is in their systems, corona will be wiped off of the face of this Earth just all other diseases can, if we believe in annihilation (The Prophet’s story).

If the Americans don’t stop at big money and big pharma henceforth disease (say T and P’s agenda for Pfizer for 2021 is on the agenda so let’s hope there is no big money otherwise we are going to meet with a lot of osteoporosis and bad breath- they are our organs though, Nazar and yet again the end of mankind), things will not work out and we will be met with a lot of corona and what not.

The truth is that as to Why Are We Stopping For Covid-19?, the answer is we should because we ALL need to heal and once we have healed and have become functional, and there is a new world system (which would be normalcy now and balance), things will improve right away.

Why Are We Stopping For Covid-19? Select Tips For Corona Virus

If you are struck with corona or feel like you are, don’t get yourself tested. Rather, start relaxing, have plenty of water, purge it all out and go for a test for it after 10 days.

There probably won’t be any corona left if we take care of drainage and sanitation right away, if we stop fighting with ourselves in the hidden, if we stop teasing others if we mind our businesses and we stay with ourselves.

Water can do wonders and so can the new America and so can the rest of the world if we are in this together and put corona behind and start healing.

By His solicited decree, we are by Him all the time. You will realize that there are pressure points in you (internally) as you wake up every day. That is by His will and it’s different for everyone because no two people are the same. Also, remember that He is there, and let’s not forget knowledge in the process if we want to rule out corona completely.

Most of the least developed countries have to be educated and education goes a long way. Just by drinking water, taking care of the dogs, sanitation, cleansing, and cleaning, all efforts for or against corona will be removed completely.

I’d say this is the 2nd wave of corona and this one should be for cleansing ourselves, so just let yourself be and clean yourself, there is perhaps no other way around it.

To And By Concluding:

Take it by this measure: If there are no suicide attacks, just as the one in Kabul today, no spaceships or other extra torrential activities that are harming everyone’s universe, we will not be as suffocated as we are and we will start getting better. Moreover, if we have Mr. Biden in all his might and Ms. Harris, Ms. Merkel and no hydrogen water, Ms. Maneka and Mr. Umar, Mr. Ghani and Mr. Kim Jong Un, to fight against filth, we will all get better.

Moreover, by creating awareness and an effort on everyone’s part, Humanity and efforts, corona can be removed from the face of this earth in 10 days. 10 is a special number.

10 is the code of sanity, it is the code of healing and it is the code of Mr. Paulo Coehlo as well (one of the most celebrated and sought after writers in the world). (The Number 10)

Lastly, while all premiers can make an effort, others should try to aware of the lot otherwise there would be no improvement in the corona.

But and, at least we can try.

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