Why Should You Avoid COVID-19

Why Should You Avoid COVID-19

Why Should You Avoid COVID-19

COVID-19 is a by-product of diazepam, alprazolam and few other ingredients that will automatically make your stomach go loose. Covid-19, therefore, should be avoided. Instead, if you are corona positive, you should try to stick with water and let your body heal naturally.

The idea behind Covid-19 is totally exaggerated. The purpose is to make the sick fallen sick and sicker meet dooms day, in order to make big money off of existing patients.

People are taking COVID-19 as a drug that can cure corona. However, Covid-19 is a bigger aim to perhaps end eternity and make money off of their sickness. Its the devil’s work and the devil is in the Quran so he exists. (Read Michael Jackson for example, a well-known, shady, devilish man-woman, perhaps, God or someone very satanic.)

Go With Natural Mechanisms Than Covid-19

If you have tested positive for corona shock, you should try to go for ‘cleansing the system’. For that, you should eat vegetables, enhance your taste, drink plenty of water and have green tea, at least once a day. Rest and avoid the public eye for 10-15 days. Once your system cleanses itself, you will heal automatically.

If you are struggling with these two weeks of corona virus, then it is better that you take a pain killer and then start relaxing. Keep it as natural as possible; avoid anger and fighting in the hidden and there will be no reason for you to not heal.

Is Covid-19 Ponzi Scheme?

The human system is quite complicated. We should ideally be fixing ourselves as is. While we don’t feel complete most of the time, the ideology and essence for it is to drink plenty of water and your body will reinstate itself, just as dusk till dawn. All other ideologies are senseless, especially Covid-19.

COVID19 is a no go- it is a Ponzi scheme. It will make your system leak water and perhaps leave you with nothing. You should eat minimally in corona virus but do have water. If you are eating, then have a cup of green tea and you will be good to go.

Covid-19 is an effort by a devil in disguise. It is as lucid and flaccid as the devil himself. Trust that there is nothing better for your gut and system than natural water and light things that a human body can actually take. Combine this with sleep and you will be good to go.

Covid-19: Tech Unveiled

What You Should Remember!

While COVID-19 is a very recent subject and a long in undated debate:

The human system is a process in intself. 100 years ago, the median age of a man was 700 and of a woman, 1200. Today, the median age of a woman is 12 and of a man is 10. They say all of these are the works of a devil, who might soon be recognized. Just reminds me of Michael Jackson.

Furthermore, these are well known signs of Qiyamat (Qiyamah), which are clarified, proven and proven again by science, technology and matter. One must undo the works of the devil, even if it needs a bit of a crush of an ego for the devil is there and he should be stopped till he floats a free with his Ponzi stick and Ponzi schemes.

Food For Thought: Realize And You Will Find God

One of the biggest signs of corona virus is restlessness.

Considering the death rate these days and going back to basics, simplicity was key to everything.

Unfortunately in today’s age and time, when it’s all about materialism, people really have gotten off track and perhaps have forgotten the instilled values of faith in men and women alike.

While it is true that more than half of the total global population is leading the same life, things have changed. It is going back to basics and it won’t be pretty when people start finding the truth.

The need and rush for COVID-19 is coming from perhaps the devil, who blames it all on the Yahud and America. All of these are the Devils works.

Coronavirus (based on the car corona and those who drive it perhaps, off of the revenge of the devil) is a flus- it is done though, perhaps with insects mating with insects and throwing them off borders. However, COVID-19 is a bigger scam as all other things are. What we need for survival is water, wheat, barley, certain important vegetables, meat, chicken, fresh fruit and all other basics. It is better to stay away from all things that are not natural.

Its not happening though.

The Truth About Covid-19

#MyAbbreviation for Covid-19 is: Cancer, Ovaries, Vividness, Implication and Death.

Covid-19 is a scam just as all medicines are. We are talking about big money here. The victims? Could be anyone or everyone. The deaths would be more prevalent in men and women who are not well educated, perhaps those above 60s, mothers and fathers who are dependent on others for income and so on. It is the devil’s work and the devil is the ‘alleged’ Prime Minister of Pakistan, who is Michael Jackson and Michael Jackson Is alive.

We Leave All Matters On Him

To Conclude

A well-known devil, the ‘pir’, Satan, the flus ‘God’, the one who calls himself Allah and so on.. This man should be revealed as he reveals people and is Firaun. The man who thieves, burns women alive, eats up women and men and doesn’t leave a muscle. An animal. Perhaps a flus as big as is Ponzi is.

Oh I mean, what Sorrri! A pseudo Muslim in disguise and a run away after who every one is after.

Nonetheless, the topic is not Michael Jackson, he literally puts this blog to shame with his name as in. We are talking about corona and corona virus.

Both men and women should stay in their homes and avoid drinking and eating from outside. Have bottled things and there is nothing better than water. Try to have herbs, greens and light food. Salad perhaps. And you will be good to go.

If you are coronainpakistan, take a rest for 10 days with these tips and test yourself again: You will be corona negative.

Stay tuned for more updates at Tech Unveiled.

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