Why Should You Avoid COVID-19

Why Should You Avoid COVID-19

COVID-19 is a by-product of diazepam and alprazolam.

It is, sort of a relaxant, but exaggerated, to make big money off of existing patients who are in their last stage of cancer.

While many are researching, avidly, on COVID-19, it shows that the medicine has been worked upon for a while now. Furthermore, to complete COVID-19, I’d say that essentially COVID-19 is an effort to curtail disease especially in patients who are already dying.

The first sign of blood is cancer so essentially the problem is as big as mayhem and loose control: Works of the Joker.

There is nothing wrong with taking medicines. In fact, you should take medicine on the first sign of any disapproval by your body. However, what becomes a habit must be forsaken right away.

The human system is very complicated. We should ideally be fixing ourselves as is. While we don’t feel complete most of the time, the ideology and essence for it is to drink plenty of water for your bone. All other ideologies are senseless.

COVID-19, as are medicines for cancer, are so strong that taking them would eventually burst your gut and perhaps not let you be able to get out of that loophole.

Covid-19 is all big medicine, big pharmas and big money. In my personal opinion, no human gut can take COVID-19 or its associates let alone the medicine itself.

The ideal solution to all of it is rest and sleep.

Covid-19: Tech Unveiled

What You Should Remember!

While COVID-19 is a very recent subject and a long in undated debate:

The human system is very weak, so where are they taking medicine? Do they want humans to become rats? I don’t think so. Essentially, if they are coming up with medicine then they all must be taking it and showing it as proof that it is safe and then we follow suit. For that, we need to check the FDA of The United States of America.

Food For Thought

Considering the death rate these days and going back to basics, simplicity was key to everything.

Unfortunately in today’s age and time, when it’s all about materialism, people really have gotten off track and perhaps have forgotten the instilled values of faith in men and women alike.

While it is true that more than half of the total global population is leading the same life, things have changed. It is going back to basics and it won’t be pretty when people start finding the truth.

The need and rush for COVID-19 is coming from perhaps the American and Jewish Lobby, who perhaps just cannot survive without making the other person lose.

For the Jews, its all about power (money) (in their own godforsaken sense) and for the Americans, (Free Masons and Atheists), its all about free will. If they are testing it on Muslims, time will reveal the truth.

COVID-19 is as big a scam as all other things are. What we need for survival is water, wheat, barley, certain important vegetables, meat, chicken, fresh fruit and all other basics. It is better to stay away from all things that are not natural.

If I abbreviate COVID-19, I can say its the same game of keeping the world under control by death and sickness till the Jewish Agenda doesn’t complete. They are a petty race, though if only they opened their eyes; which they never did and faced the wrath of Allah SubhanaTaAllah years ago on their unforgettable attitude.

Secondly, in my opinion, and of many others, COVID-19 is an attempt by the Jewish Lobby to gain power and control in order to build a system for the next 10 or 20 years, to keep control and “Reign On Top”.

Its not happening though.

The Truth About Covid-19

Carrying forward:

COVID-19, if I abbreviate it, stands for:

Cancer, Ovaries, Vividness, Implication and Death. 19 perhaps will stand for the mark a date by Zuckerberg to keep everything on bare minimum and tamper with his information and data to ensure the Jewish lobby stays on top. Jews are an unfortunate race. They just haven’t met the Muslim blood without their heads in their butts.

Essentially, there is no medicine and it is all a hoax. Who will believe it? It will take time.

Covid-19 is a scam just as all medicines are. We are talking about big money here. The victims? Could be anyone or everyone because when you are on your last breath, literally nothing and nothing else matters except of what we are told. And is that done too? Of course, bit by bit, because we aren’t asking for it and nor do we want it or perhaps no one in their sane minds would want it.

We Leave All Matters On Him

Life is indeed Karma. Now tell me, isn’t it the responsibility of the state to take care of its citizens? All “world leaders” should be on the streets right now to take care of their people and if they can’t, there will be civil war and only then will they stop. Their decisions and the world’s wrath. Let’s look forward to it because we have all had enough.

To Conclude

All efforts by the 7 world leaders will stay and remain futile till they don’t surrender and leave. These goons have no idea what the world is upto for and against them and they are only insignificant parts of the universe, too well seated on their groins. They have no idea what is coming ahead and they have clearly failed 2018-2020 – till date. And if they still don’t understand, it means they are with and off lesser minds and it is time they realize who stands where and bow down and leave.

Covid-19 is a futile effort to take care of the existing corona virus; though for that we would essentially just need water or perhaps a pain killer or two and fresh food. Also, ignorance is bliss so live and let live and let God’s magic hand do the work or perhaps let the universe take care of what is left of humanity.

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