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Wikipedia Founder Fires All Journalists From WikiTribune

We all know Wikipedia because we have used it at some point in time.

Actually, Wikipedia’s founder was coming up with a new media website called WikiTribute. A community focused operation, it will enhance the way we work and receive information.

Jimmy Wales, founder of Wiki-group and WikiTribune, has decided to shift from traditional news to something that is more community oriented. But!

This new website will be more towards the community- what’s new, what isn’t, something like Reddit perhaps?

Sources reveal that in this process, the company has already fired 12 original editorial staffers.

WikiTribute: Community Based Journalism
WikiTribute: Community Based Journalism


12+ Journalists Laid Off

In April, a journalist at Reuters and CNN, Peter Bale left the company and he assembled this big team of staffers. However, now it seems that all of the people he brought have also left.

WikiTribute started August last year. Wales, plus his co-founder, Orit Copel, cited the website to go through ‘major personnel changes’. They also said that they are now focusing on the community now.

They believe that they want to change the way the community is working now. WikiTribute is more consumer-oriented so they need journalists that are more geared towards that domain. Currently, they had news-oriented journalists.

Things have sort of changed with WikiTribute too. It started off differently and it seemed like a WikiPedia page. However, over time, its focus has changed to community service and orientation. In this very move, a lot of professional journalists have been laid off from the company.

WikiTribute: Community Based Journalism
WikiTribute: Community Based Journalism



While we feel bad for these journalists, we do wish WikiTribute all the very best for the near future.

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