The World At A Cohesive War

The World At A Cohesive War

World At A Cohesive War

The World is in a collective state of shock and Trump is leading the way with his “War” notions.

One, the escalating trade war between the U.S. and China is getting the best out of both economies. However, Mr. Donald Trump is collectively leading the way.

Not only is He bothering the entire World with his slang nature and mid-level tongue, he is apparently fearless and announcing immediate and nice things some day and total War the very next day.

At the moment, Trump is in France and whereas the Kashmir issue is getting the best out of the World economies.

The Kashmir issue is being discussed on many levels. However, the Prime Minister of India, who has a very big say in this, is the one who is in trouble. However, he flew to the Middle East amidst what is going on.

Contrarily, Qatar is also on the eye and agenda of many. Interestingly, Qatar will be holding the World Cup soon and honestly, it’s already on the agenda of the President of the United States of America.

Stocks, money and other related and similar things are in the hands of a certain few who are also literally taking care of the World economy in many ways. They are the ones who are tackling the Ups and Downs of and in every market but in fact, They are the Ones who have to be controlled.

Conclusion: State Of War

In a nutshell, the World seems like a joke to the mass populations but the War notion doesn’t seem to make any sense. The entire year has passed and on Quarterly basis, probably a year since these terms and presidencies actually came to fruit.

Stay Tuned.

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