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World News: There’s Something In The Food

World News: There’s Something In The Food

It is surprising to see where the world is going right now.

In global news, Pakistan seems to have been struck by the food just as the world has been hit by blasts, bombs, figures and more.

As Jet Airways came to an end, sort of a halt in the time frame it came to an end which, disturbed the entire world just recently.

The opinion right now is that the political season is on and people are fighting for their rights. Governments are being formed but calamities are hitting the world as well. For me, to great extents (See: Sri Lanka, Spain, Ecuador, Quetta, Paris, Germany and more).

In recent news, in Pakistan, 75 students have been admitted to hospitals in Peshawar. Their condition is stable but their condition is pretty normal.

What it looks like is that something is wrong with the food here and it seems to be a very big malaise.

While the government of Pakistan, and the current PM, Imran Khan, is trying its best to work hard and play hard too, the common concern seems to be the federal government for him. While that is his problem, the food seems to be disturbed.

People in the country are not feeling well and today’s occurrence in Peshawar seems to be an erratic concern.

The cause of concern was nausea, abdominal pain and headaches.

The obvious cause should be and is: Food. The recommendation for the government will be to clean what’s in the food say water, drainage, sanitation and more.

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